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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

The Project

Develop and demonstrate replicable strategies for designing, constructing and managing large scale district renovation projects for achieving nearly zero energy cities

Watch here the latest R2CITIES webinars held during EUSEW 2017


The Lavatrici District, Genoa

The social housing district of Lavatrici was developed during 1980-1990. The pilot is located on the west part of the city in the so called Pegli 3 District on a natural hill.

The Lavatrici District, Genoa
The Yakacik district in Kartal, Istanbul

The use of low efficiency lighting systems and appliances and a slim insulation means very high energy consumption for Yakacık district of Kartal, Istanbul and therefore a high potential for improving. 

The Yakacik district in Kartal, Istanbul
Energy retrofitting in the district “Cuatro de Marzo”, Valladolid

A complete retrofitting based on façade improvements, ICTs and renewable energy systems will be implemented in the Cuatro de Marzo district, the demo site chosen for the R2CITIES project.

Energy retrofitting in the district “Cuatro de Marzo”, Valladolid
Expected Impacts

  • Project progress: 70%
Latest News
Solar energy: “googling” your roof Solar energy: “googling” your roof

Internet users can assess the solar potential of their roofs through a platform developed by Google. The online “calculator”, which was only accessible in the US, has now reached Europe, starting in Germany

Tackling the ethical challenges of big data Tackling the ethical challenges of big data

An authority on social data, Susan Etlinger argues we need to apply critical thinking and exercise caution as we enter the age of “data ubiquity”

High-tech and low-cost solutions to handle urban waste High-tech and low-cost solutions to handle urban waste

Innovations in waste management systems need new regulations for the management of sustainable landfills

My Smart City District

MySmartCityDistrict group now extends to CITyFiED, SINFONIA, READY and City-zen. A total of 7 projects for greater leverage
in sharing and promoting energy efficient renovation solutions for cities and communities EU-wide.

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My Smart City District Community

Our Network

Valladolid (SP)

Cuatro de Marzo District

Total area: 81.000 m2 (at least 21.000 retrofitted)
Citizens involved: 550
Estimated Energy saving: 61%
CO2 emissions avoided: 635 tons/yr

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Genoa (IT)

Lavatrici District

Total area: 64.000 m2 (18.000 m2 area of intervention)
Citizens involved: 450 - 500
Estimated Energy saving: ± 50%
CO2 emissions avoided: ± 400 - 450 tons/yr

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Kartal- Istanbul (TK)

Yakacik District

Total area: 18.813 m2 retrofitted
Citizens involved: 900
Estimated Energy saving: 63%
CO2 emissions avoided: 991.8 tons/yr

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The consortium
Comune di Genova
Rina Consulting
Istanbul Technical University – Energy Institute
Kartal Municipality - Kartal Belediye Başkanlığı
Officinae verdi
Sociedad Municipal de Suelo y Vivienda de Valladolid – VIVA, Spain
Steinbeis 2i GmbH
Università degli Studi di Genova GEIE