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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

ZenN, Nearly Zero energy Neighbourhoods

The ZenN-project focuses on the zero energy building renovation process through the implementation and study of five demonstrations near Zero Energy Renovation projects at neighbourhood scale. The demonstration projects are located in a number of cities located in northern, central and southern Europe: Grenoble (FR), Malmö (SE), Eibar (ES), Oslo (NO). Furthermore, the project encompasses the development of a series of research and dissemination actions associated with these demonstration projects.

A common, flexible framework for near Zero Energy Building Renovation will be first established, valid for all situations regardless of demonstrator specifics (climate, building construction, ownership structure etc.). All relevant aspects from the demonstrator actions (technical, energy related aspects, as well as financial and management aspects) will be studied, validated and when possible, optimized in the framework of the project. Renovation works will be carried out, incorporating optimized technical solutions while also addressing nontechnical issues. User awareness levels will be raised by the means of owner and tenant education, and local relevant sectors will be trained to assimilate best practices from a local perspective. Finally, ambitious replication plans will be laid out and refined in the course of the project, in an effort to reach the maximum impact from the experience attained through work in the demonstration objects.



Mr Francisco Rodriguez

Dissemination and Communication
Mrs Camilla Mörn
IVL - Swedish Environmental Research Institute

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