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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

Turkish science on the brink

When the wave of arrests in Turkey started to include academics from research institutions and universities, the international scientific community became alarmed. The recent political tension could now mark a turning point in the successful cooperation of Turkish and European researchers. 

Turkish science on the brink

Turkey has paid into a European fund since 2003, allowing its institutions to apply for European co-funding. Through this, Turkish researchers received 200 million euros in EU funding between 2007 and 2013 for around 900 different research initiatives.

One of these projects is called R2CITIES, which stands for “Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy Cities”. It will be completed in June 2018 and aims to cut energy consumption by 60 percent in three different residential communities: in Kartal, a suburb of Istanbul, in Valladolid, Spain and in Genoa, Italy. 

Architect Burak Korkmaz has been responsible for the retrofitting works in the suburb of Istanbul. He is convinced, that the construction projects could not be realised without the financial help of the EU. But even more critical is the international know-how and close cooperation the other project partners have contributed to the demonstration site in Turkey.  

Similar co-operations with Turkish and European partners have helped to improve housing quality, combat climate change, improve agriculture or developed aquaculture in Turkey.


By Ute de Groot

12 April 2017