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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES


The Solitem Solar Services is the company of the SOLITEM Group that is active in Turkey. The SOLITEM Group includes companies in several countries. In Turkey, the SOLITEM factory in Ankara is one main pillar in the SOLITEM Group. The Solitem Solar Services is responsible for the system design, installation and setup. Overtaking R&D tasks, the creation of feasibility studies, the analysis and execution of the system implementation into the facilities, and the detailed design, installation and setup, the Solar Services completes the portfolio of the SOLITEM Group to operate as a turnkey provider for solar thermal solutions for cooling, steam, heating and electricity generation.


The SOLITEM Group already participated in several FP7 R&D projects, as well as in Horizon2020 projects. The main applications are solar thermal solutions for cooling, steam generation, heating and electricity supply that are customized to the conditions given from the customer and the facilities. The core components of the innovative energy supply are special light-weight Parabolic Trough Collectors to generate high-temperature thermal energy that enable the application of highly effective solar cooling or steam generation. Generating savings on electricity for compression cooling or fuel for the steam generation, the solar thermal solutions contribute to the reduction on the consumption of conventional energy carries, and the related reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions.

The main tasks in the building integration of high-temperature solar thermal solutions are the choice of the collector type, the design of the collector field and the combination with the existing energy supply system. The application of high-temperature energy storages enables the adaptation of the offer of solar energy to the given energy demand. Due to the special light-weight construction of the Parabolic Trough Collectors, flat rooftops and parking lots can be used.

In the R2CITIES project, the Solitem Solar Services is cooperating in the definition and application of standardized products for the building integration of green technologies, solar strategies, solar cooling and energy storage and distribution.



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