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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES



Sestao is a municipality located at 11 km from Bilbao city, on the left bank of the River, with an strong postindustrial character, on whose sides much of the municipalities of Biscay were developed. It has an area of 3.5 Km2, where only 0.9 Km2 are devoted to residential use and the rest is devoted for industrial use. Its development was mainly due to the 19th century industrial boom. The district is on the lower area of Sestao and it´s the most  affected by the deindustrialization process.

The district has been very punished by the deindustrialization process that started in 1995. Nowadays the unemployment rate is about 30% several points higher than the rest of the city, compared to other municipalities, the rate of unemployment of this district is about 10% higher. There is a mixture of local and immigrant population with limited economic resources and a very low academic level.

My Smart City District project: EU-GUGLE

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