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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES



The neighbourhood of Mogel is a 1950’s residential development of 21 buildings on a sloped terrain, 15 of them will be retrofitted. The neighbourhood is part of the Catalogue of Cultural Interest Items included in the Planning Regulations of Eibar. Almost all the buildings are five stories high. The construction consists of a mixed concrete framing and wooden beam floors. The ground floor walls are composed by a layer of load-bearing stone, and the rest of the facades are cavity brick walls. The roof is made of wood. The buildings have never been renewed, however, many owners have installed double glazing windows. Most of the population has low-medium income, with a mix of old-time residents, elderly and young couples. There is a Commission that represents the interests of all the neighbours but with no decision-making power, all the topics must be approved per hall.

My Smart City District project: ZenN

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