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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

The Demo Sites

The three demonstration sites are based in Kartal, a Municipality of the city of Istanbul, Valladolid, Spain and in Genoa, Italy, in different climate regions and each with its set of challenges. 

All are managed by their respective Municipalities, which will be involved as main promoters of a very ambitious renovation action on residential districts, will allow to demonstrate that a systemic approach, taking into account the benefits of a set of technologies as insulation, ICTs and renewable energy systems, which properly combined in terms of cost effectiveness and energy performance could achieve very good results in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

In the Yakacik district of Kartal, there are low efficient lighting systems and appliances, but also issues relating to insufficient insulation, meaning much room of improvement. Emphasis will be put on passive design strategies, heating and cooling sources, and the integration of renewables for building envelopes.

The Cuatro de Marzo demonstration site in Valladolid is a compact estate with medium to poor construction quality and high population density. Interventions will aim to reduce thermal energy and electricity consumption drawing on insulation technology, shading, integration of renewables and ICT applications.

The Genoa site is the Lavatrici council housing estate in the periphery of the city. The demonstration will focus on passive and low-cost solutions drawing on available natural resources (solar, natural ventilation, natural daylight). Through R2CITIES, the activities here could lead to methods for qualifying as quasi-zero energy district with regard to national regulations.