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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

Early January saw the end of the public call for the public grants

This comes after an in-depth consultation process organised by VIVA with owner associations that had lasted around six months. This involved energy experts explaining different scenarios based on the performance simulations and data collection that had been conducted beforehand. The call established requirements for applying, the technical requirements for the interventions as well as the relationship between dwelling owners and the contractors who will be working alongside R2CITIES partners.

A first agreement concerns work on the façades to improve isolation and on a connection to a heating networked powered by a biomass boiler. Another agreement has been reached for work on façades and the building envelop for other buildings.

A particular challenge with the first series of interventions is the layout of the blocks earmarked to be connected to a heating network powered by a biomass boiler. These blocks are relatively far apart from one another, and this would mean laying pipes across an area of 81 000m2. Given the scale of the work and the inconvenience this would cause residents, another solution was put on the table. This alternative would involve integrating into the network devices that use pellets. This would be an adequate solution as a first stage of district renovation but in the long term, the heating network would have to be implemented throughout this district containing some 190 buildings and 1 946 dwellings.