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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

R2CITIES partner Acciona explores the benefits of Bio-Based materials

In the search for low carbon solutions, a fellow Horizon 2020 project – ISOBIO – is going back to nature to give some age-old building materials a very modern twist. R2CITIES partner ACCIONA is a member of both projects and used a recent workshop on bio-based insulation to explore possible synergies


By combining mud, clay, straw or hemp with binders, sol-gel and resins, ISOBIO is developing new sustainable construction materials with an extremely low embodied energy. These ‘eco-friendly’ durable composites are still niche, but proving to be sustainable and affordable materials with high performance.

R2CITIES found it useful to illustrate and discuss possible application contexts for these bio-based materials, together with other technologies, in order to reduce the environmental impact calculated through the life cycle assessment approach.

Acciona also participated in a session lead by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products ASPB who bring product manufacturers and distributors, designers, contractors, academics and other building practitioners on these topics.