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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

Lavatrici district demo team at Genoa Smart Week

Members of R2CITIES Italian demo team took part in this year’s Genoa Smart Week in November.


As the renovation works at Genoa’s Lavatrici district are complete and our European project is now on the home run, the Smart Week was a timely opportunity for the team to share its insights with both local and European audiences.

The team lined up two sessions covering the whole morning of the 22 November. At the first session, project members ABB Power, Genoa Municipality, RINA Consulting, and the University of Genoa gave an overview of the interventions highlighting the specific features and results achieved over the past four years. A special place was given to citizen engagement and consent, showing how the project dealt with these important aspects along the way.

The second part of the morning offered a training workshop on designing renovation projects for residential areas. This event looked at some of the more technical and methodological aspects developed and used under R2CITIES, such as building information modelling, energy conservation measures and intelligent technology integration.


20 December 2017