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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

In the spotlight: CARTIF

Coordinating R2CITIES is Fundación CARTIF, a leading Spanish applied research centre set up in 1994. It possesses 9 technical divisions in which some 200 research staff are mobilised across energy, environment, food and chemicals, biomedical, and robotics.


The focal point of CARTIF’s research areas is ICT and energy. By combining these two fields, a multidisciplinary team has formed which is able to design and develop solutions in the specific fields of energy efficiency, energy savings, integration of renewable energy systems, electricity market, demand response, Smart Grid, etc.

CARTIF takes an active part in 10 international networks and platforms such as ISES (International Solar Energy Society) and IEA (International Energy Agency), and it is also the Spanish National Liaison Point for the European E2BA (Energy Efficient Buildings Association).

The Energy Division at CARTIF has carried out many research and development projects in its fields of specialisation. Besides, the current participation in international projects in which it is involved include FP7-EeB projects such as DIRECTION (coordinated by CARTIF), 3EN-CULT and CAMPUS21.

Apart from the overall coordination of the R2CITIES project, Fundación CARTIF is leading a work package dedicated to the measurement and verification of energy performance and savings. This will be undertaken prior to the actual demonstration activities planned within the project at three different sites. The work will involve identifying the most suitable protocols and adapting them to the local specificities. Furthermore, requirements for monitoring and metering will be defined and deployment feedback from demonstration will be collected and analysed as part of this work package.