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Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy CITIES

Kartal Demo Site - Inauguration and Final Conference

Last month, the Kartal demo team led by the Municipality held the final demo site conference as the works under R2CITIES have now been completed

Kartal Demo Site - Inauguration and Final Conference

It also marked the official opening of the main demo site building - a large home for the elderly - and drew a large and distinguished audience. The event was all-inclusive, reaching out to municipal staff, project partners, academics from Istanbul Gedik University, students from Istanbul Technical University as well as the citizens from the local neighbourhood.

After the opening speech given by Deputy Mayor Mr Hüsnü Yeşilyurt, attendees were shown video footage from the R2CITIES project highlighting some of the key features and achievements of the retrofitting works undertaken over the last five years. 

A series of presentations followed given by the Turkish partners. These included:

  • “Public, Academy and Sector Collaboration in Energy Efficient Building Solutions: R2CITIES” Burak Korkmaz from Kartal Municipality,
  • “Thermal Comfort and Sustainability” Ruşen Can Acet from MİRARGE
  • “Digital Energy Management with R2 Cities Project - Kartal Demosite” Dilara Göker from REENGEN
  • “R2Cities Kartal Demosite: Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis Results” Serkan Naneci from EKO DENGE
  • “Experiences Gained from The Kartal District for Sustainable City Planning” Hatice Sözer from İTU

These more technical talks were concluded by a speech by Kartal Mayor, Dr Altınok Öz, who praised the demo team for their involvement. The day ended by a guided tour of the refurbished home of the elderly, one of three building blocks making up the Kartal demo site.